Fakultetska 3, 72000 Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina    |    tel. (+387 32) 444 420, 444 421     |    fax. (+387 32) 444 431    |    E-mail: rektorat@unze.ba
Univerzitet u Zenici
  Student Union

Address: Fakultetska broj 3
Phone: 032 444 420
Fax.: 032 444 431
E-mail: studenti@unze.ba

Unija studenataStudents Union of the University of Zenica is constituted and it acts by intermediation of its representatives in the University of Zenica Senate, as well as in an independent way, aiming to improve: lecturing and scientific process, the level of students life, the informing of students, the organization of cultural, sport's and other activities. The organization levelling is in course
of the Students Union, to which the Student's Sport Union will belong too, already existing as an independent form at the University, and which demonstrated high level of activities until now. There are various other proposed forms too as the Centre of Interdisciplinary Programmes, Centre of Student's Entrepreneurs, Innovative Centre, Quality Centre, Student's Computing Centre etc.

Each year the Faculties are organizing for the students of the University very comprehensive and professional excursions, with visits to famous world firms as they are for example Audi in Ingolstadt, Siemens in Erlangen, Nissan and Seat in Barcelona and so on, as well as to known European Universities.

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