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  Doctoral theses defended at the University in Zenica

arrow 22.01.2014. Anto Ledić
Concept of management in marital relationships in order to improve the lives of families
arrow 09.12.2013. Sedžad Milovanović
Criminal justice and penal satus of criminal offenders with significantly dimished responsability in BiH with special reference to BiH in the period of 2003-2009
arrow 02.11.2013. Radoje karadžić
Prilaz unapređenju  održavanja vazduhoplova  primjenom  koncepcije  održavanja prema  stanju
arrow 30.08.2013. Harun Hodžić
Clinical significance of prognostic factors for renal parenchymal carcinoma and a possibility of predicting the treatment outcome
arrow 05.07.2013. Milenko Rimac
Investigations of Structure of NiCrAlY Metallic Coating Applied by Diamond Jet Process on Iron-Based Superalloy A286
arrow 10.01.2013. Mersija Kasumović
Study of TIMP-1 and MMP-1 gene expression correlation as well as some specific biomarkers in patients with systemic lupus erithematosus
arrow 10.01.2013. Adnan Mahmutović
Strengthening Democratic Legitimacy in Institutional Architecture of European Union
arrow 06.12.2012. Edin Arnaut
The impact of globalization of the tourism market to develop tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina
arrow 05.12.2012. Edin Selimović
Značaj prevencije anksioznosti i bola kod oralno-hirurškog zahvata i njihov utjecaj na vitalne parametre
arrow 30.07.2012. Nezir Pivić
The role and proceeding of the prosecutor in the criminal procedure
arrow 03.03.2012. Dijana Husaković
Corporate Social Responsibility as Enterprise Competitiveness Achievement Strategy in Bosnia and Herzegovina
arrow 06.09.2011. Fuad Hadzikadunić
An appendix to the development of vsr method on the space model of welded steel beam
arrow 15.07.2011. Kalajdzija Merlina
Discussions on Language in Bosnia-Herzegovina from 1850 to 1914
arrow 06.07.2011. Edina Solak
Discussions on Language in Bosnia-Herzegovina from 1850 to 1914
arrow 09.05.2011. Adnan Mujkanović
Defining conditions for synthesis of amorphous SiO2, filler for rubber, by precipitation from Na-metasilicate solution
arrow 07.02.2011. Raza Sunulahpašić
Optimization Of Mechanical And Structural Characteristics Superalloys Nimonic 80a Designed To Work At Elevated Temperatures In The Automotive Industry
arrow 12.11.2010. Almaida Gigović-Gekić
Quantification Of The Effects Of Alpha-Gamma Elements On Mechanical Properties And Presence Of Delta Ferrite In Austenitic Stainless Steel Nitronic 60
arrow 20.09.2010. Besim Baručija
Impact mechanisms of aluminum nitride onto a cold deformability of low-carbon steel quenched with aluminum with the nitrogen content of > 70 ppm
arrow 19.03.2010. Hasan Avdušinović
Investigation Of Optimal Parameters For Production Of Austempered Ductile Iron Castings With Different Wall Thickness
arrow 14.11.2009. Jasmin Halebić
Role and significance of economic institutions in economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina
arrow 18.09.2009. Muharem Šabić
An approach to redesign of structural layout of aircraft maintenance system
arrow 24.07.2009. Emir Nurkić Kačapor
The role of the State in securing human rights and protection of victims of organized crime and human trafficking
arrow 23.07.2009. Samir Zuparević
Non-Discrimination guarantees in the European system for protection of Human Rights and Freedoms
arrow 20.07.2009. Amra Talić-Čikmiš
Contribution to stress-strain analysis in drawing process of rectangular bodies
arrow 18.07.2009. Sabahudin Jašarević
Research on effects of introducing Quality Management System according to ISO 9000 requirements in organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina
arrow 13.06.2009. Božo Vukoja
he role of tourism in economic development of Herzegovina economic region
arrow 24.10.2008. Omer Hamzić
Legally-political and socio-economic status of Gračanica's district within the framework of Tuzla's region and regional unit of Vrbas ruled by a ban in the period from 1918. to 1941
arrow 27.06.2008. Ilhan Bušatlić
Contribution to investigation of changes in reactivity and properties of cement with fly ash from the Kakanj Thermo-Electric Plant
arrow 06.03.2009. Marina Jovanović
Structure and phases transformations in clay during sintering
arrow 10.11.2008. Muris Bajramović
Metafictional aspects in Bosnian postmodernistic literature
arrow 16.06.2008. Farzet Bikić
Influence of chemical bonding of Chlorides for aluminates in cement hidratation process onto corrosion intensity in concrete steel bars
arrow 28.03.2008. Almin Dautbegović
Dokazivanje, metodi i sredstva čijom primjenom se u krivičnom postupku krše ljudska prava i slobode garantovana Ustavom Bosne i Hercegovine
arrow 01.02.2008. Adnan Duraković
Legal aspects of management in crisis situations
arrow 27.08.2007. Halil Gutošić
Quality management according to requirements of ISO 9000 series standard, as a business policy determinant for small and medium enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina
arrow 11.11.2006. Nedeljko Vukojević
Contribution to the Assesment of Integrity and Performance of Thick Wall Large Dimension Pressure Vessels
03.03.2006. Elma Ekinović
Investigation of influence of a damage on the dynamic behaviour of beam-like structures
15.02.2006. Jusuf Duraković
Defining optimal technological-thermical parameters of the manufacturing process of bricks in tunnel kilns
21.12.2005. Ifet Šišić
Contribution to the development of methodology for evaluation and selection of machines for chopping non-metalic mineral raw materials
16.06.2005. Nedim Hodžić
Numerical Analysis of Oil Flow Process through Distribution Elements in Hydraulic Systems
11.02.2005. Diana Ćubela
A Contribution To The Research Of Technological Parameters Influence On The Proces Of Nitinol Fabrication And Plastic Deformation
16.04.2004. Mustafa Imamović
Designing Aspects For Selection And Calculation Of Reliability Of The Rolling Stand Basic Parts

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