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  Doctoral theses defended at the University in Zenica

Date and place of thesis defense:
06.12.2012, Faculty of Economics
Ph.D. Edin Arnaut
Professor Ph.D. Kadrija Hodžić

Thesis title:

The impact of globalization of the tourism market to develop tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Economic development of any country cannot be analysed without  analysing and observing how the globalization phenomenon and globalisation processes affect all the sectors of national economy. Globalization processes which some authors consider to have an impact only on sectors of  production and commerce, are also largely present in the tourism industry, i.e. tourism economy. It is, therefore, important to research the implications of globalisation and the globalized tourist market with respect to  development of the world tourism and then also the influence of the above-mentioned processes on the development of tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Motivated by the former papers, theoretical analyses and empirical researches dealing with this problem, but certainly from a different standpoint, this paper, which is based on  the theoretical analyses, presents the results of the empirical research of the impact of the globalized tourist market on the development of  tourism in B&H along with the research that will offer the optimal model of the sublimed selective kinds of tourism in B&H, compatible with the requirements of the global megatrends of tourist industry all this aimed to improve the development of tourism as one of the generators of economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The fundamental objective is to use the researching process in order to provide relevant answers to the question whether the economic functions of tourism, especially the multiplicative function trigger almost all branches of domestic economy thus potentially creating the multiplicators of increase of GDP, employment and investments. Internationalization and integration are in correlation relationship with the globalization process that has occurred as the consequence of the contemporary trends in the international environment and has caused the intensification of the international labour division on the new grounds. Tourism in  B&H is at the significantly low level of development and, therefore, it can make use of the opportunities of the contemporary global megatrends, in order to develop the tourist industry in B&H as the generator of the economic growth (quantitative category) and the development (qualitative category). In this respect the researches are directed towards the ever-lasting questions of the experts, futurologists and scientists in the field of economic science; whether tourism, through  the multiplicative and other economic functions can directly affect economic development and macroeconomic stability of B&H since it has a positive impact on macroeconomic indicators through the increase of foreign currency inflow, increase of GDP, increase of employment within the domestic tourist sector, balancing of payment, increase of investments etc. For all the above-mentioned reasons the topic of this paper is specific because, if we observe it  within the discourse of economic philosophy it can make a great contribution  to economic development. Under the present circumstances globalization and globalization processes are the subject of a number of scientific  researches and, at the same time, they are a necessary prerequisite for the contemporary tourist development of most of the countries including B&H. The influence of globalization processes in tourism  can be seen in the changes in the field of tourist market demand as well as through the processes of internationalization and integration. To support the above-stated this paper also includes an empirical research of the recent influence of globalization  processes on the world and B&H tourism, of the changes that have occurred in the field of the tourist market demand and supply under the influence of the globalization processes in B&H and of the positive and negative consequences arising from the globalization processes and affecting tourism in B&H. The analysis of the results of the research lead to the conclusion that tourism in B&H is still at the low level of development and it is in its starting stage of the process of creating the optimal development in the present global environment which is also confirmed by the fact that current tourist supply is not compatible with the globalized tourist demand dictated by the megatrends on the global market. Structural changes caused by globalization and new megatrends in tourist industry require the changes in the existing concepts of development of tourism of B&H in order to make it become one of the most prominent activities contributing to generating the economic growth and development of B&H. Within this context we propose the model representing the mutually dependent relationship of globalization processes, globalized tourist market, selective megatrend tourist kinds and economic growth and development.

Keywords :
Globalization, globalized tourism market, tourism in BiH, economic development, global tourism industry, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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