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  Doctoral theses defended at the University in Zenica

Date and place of thesis defense:
02.11.2013. godine, Zenica
Radoje Karadžić
prof. dr. Darko Petković i co-mentor doc. dr. Muharem Šabić

Thesis title:
Approach to improving the maintenance of the aircraft using the concept of maintenance of condition based maintenance

The presented research in this elaboration seeks to set main basics important for studying of maintaining aircraft, in  the period of their age, using the concept of the state.
It is created an approach with setting the optimal model capable of maintaining the aircraft in order to improve their maintenance, taking into account the specificities of the aircraft during their age, conditions   and maintenance of aviation opportunities of small countries.
When setting up the model it is developed a balanced approach in depth and breadth in three directions parallel analysis.
On the basis of the research and performed analysis for the purpose of rationalization of maintenance management   it is created a new model that consists of three branches.
The first branch defines the methodology for application of technical diagnostics in order to maintain the state, based on the identification of necessary information for determining the state of the aircraft. Phases are defined methodology for the application of different methods of technical diagnostics in order   valid for the purpose of estimating the state of the aircraft and their systems.
The second branch defines the methodology providing resources. Global rules are defined as a methodology for managing the volume of works on aviation systems for the purpose of approving the new resources.
The introduction of aircraft engines algorithms resources based on actual total load cycles, rather than labor-hour period, allows the extension of motor resources while maintaining the same margin of safety, a valid estimate of remaining useful resources and significantly reduce maintenance costs.
Application of the proposed distributed expert system would   increase the efficiency of monitoring states of the system, which allows a comprehensive and quick preparation of all elements of maintenance, thus creating conditions for preserving efficiency and savings in the consumption of spare parts.
The third branch defines designing an information system for aircraft maintenance. Designed Information system, is required condition for the appointment of a new model for aircraft maintenance.
Model derived from the listed three branches represents model of the combined maintenance within state with proposals:  a diagnostic maintenance organization according to the state, organizations for the maintenance of the system; structure management module maintenance, aircraft maintenance in terms of quality.
Using the proposed model, it is expected to increase the efficiency of monitoring systems, which will provide a comprehensive and quick preparation of maintenance elements, thus creating conditions for maximum utilization of the technical capabilities of individual aircraft systems, while preserving the safety of operation.
The model is set based on the maintenance of technical diagnostics, TQM concept and the integrated information system maintenance, ensure the preservation of efficiency, saving costs, rationalization of maintenance actions.

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