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  Doctoral theses defended at the University in Zenica

Date and place of thesis defense:
13.06.2009. Faculty of Economics
mr. sc. Božo Vukoja
prof. dr. Kadrija Hodžić

Thesis title:

The role of tourism in economic development of Herzegovina economic region

Herzegovina presents the most significant touristic value of Bosnia and Herzegovina which is the result of its geographical location ,exceptional and untouched natural beauty,culture-hystorical values and favorable climatic conditions.It is an area of intersecting the different cultures ,religions and traditions ,which gives an additional value to creating specific touristic product and enriches the tourist offer.Likewise,Herzegovina as one of five economic regions has the biggest tourist circulation which is the result of the religious tourism in this part of Europe in this economic region.Thanks to above mentioned as well as other touristic values in this part of the country we can influence on better valorization of this economy branch both in the country and out of its borders by using specific assets which are assential for animating the tourist demand. According to the worldstrends on home and foriegn market with the respect of regional specificity ,the tourism is developed through different forms of selective tourism in here: cultural,mountain,religious,ecoturism,adventurous,maritme,health torism and and other forms of demand. According to the worlds trends on home and foreign market with the respect on regional specificity, the tourism is developed through different forms of selective tourism in here: cultural, mountain, religious, ecotourism, adventurous, maritime, health tourism and other forms of tourism. Whence the tourism was set as Strategic goal in economic development strategy of Herzegovina Region, it deserves to progress throught research, analyzing and suggestion of criterions, programs throught planned and suggeston of criterions, programs and projects as well as through planned and sustainable development providing new work places, increase of social product, export on our own and other economic effects and better efficiency of economy as a whole. The results of the carried out study have shown that varied and ecologically preserved environment presents considerable touristic Resource for appearance on international touristic market. This is especially manifested whwn we observe the trends in the worlds tourism indicating on trendency of growth of demand for exceptional attractive natural landscape and healthy way of life and which this region can offer.

Key words: Tourism, region, economic development, touristic destination, valorization, touristic potentials, culture tourism, ecology, strategic planning, economic effects.

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