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  Doctoral theses defended at the University in Zenica

Date and place of thesis defense:
10.11.2008, Faculty of Education
mr. sc. Muris Bajramović
prof. dr. Zilhad Ključanin

Thesis title:

Metafictional aspects in Bosnian postmodernistic literature

There is no consensus about the actual meaning of the postmodern art or the postmodernism. Thus, we strove to present you with various interpretations of the postmodern art and the postmodernism given by different literary theoreticians, critics and philosophers.        
 So, we tried to depict the discourses which reflect the state of the postmodernist novel and the postmodernist literature in general.
In general, we looked at this novel from a completely different vantage point and defined it as a novel of difference, a novel of subject and a novel of condition.. The key authors mentioned in the sixth chapter, with their novelistic opuses, confirmed our definition of the postmodernist novel in this way. While doing so we had no intention to make any kind of novel defining method, as we mentioned that there is always a novel which breaks the rules.
A novel of difference is based on a concept of communication and a concept of a dialogue. The difference, as philosophical and literary notion, is necessarily present in the process. Following the thoughts of French philosophers, along with the notion of difference appears the notion of split. We strove to point out that these two opposite notions actually function in a literary text. We found out that there are differences in Bosnian literature concerning the story-telling strategies that regard the following:

  1. the collapse of socialistic ideology;
  2. poetics of sociorealism and poetics of modernism;
  3. semantics of text;
  4. perception of  language (destruction of the literary language);
  5. the question of identity position within globalizing processes;
  6. understanding of the truth and history, the differences in regard to understanding of historiographical metafiction;
  7. attitude toward tradition;
  8. the realization of the war writing;
  9. the theoretical insight into the world of novel which includes metafictional aspects and the knowledge of them.

The novels which refer to the war period from 1992 to 1995 make a specific corpus of novels in Bosnian literature. The critics labeled them as the war writing, which is an additional concept.
The other part of the work's title was meant to define metafiction and give an insight into the state of the writers who use some of the metafictional aspects.
In the end, we picked out the authors who are regarded as the ones who prefer the latter and who are regarded as the core (canon is a hard word in this context) of Bosnian literature. These are: Tvrtko Kulenović, Zilhad Ključanin, Zdenko Lešić, Nedžad Ibrišimović and Dževad Karahasan.

Key words: metafiction, postmodernism, postmodern novel

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