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Univerzitet u Zenici
  Doctoral theses defended at the University in Zenica

Date and place of thesis defense:
11.11.2006, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

mr. sc. Nedeljko Vukojević

prof. dr. Taško Maneski

Thesis title:

Contribution to the Assesment of Integrity and Performance of Thick Wall Large Dimension Pressure Vessels

The thesis presents research results pertaining to effects of residual stresses, unisotropy of material and variable loads to structural integrity and life. In the thesis, there have been carried out a detailed diagnostic of state and performance of thick wall large dimension pressure vessels. It also includes a brief overview of the newest standard treating pressure vessels. A methodology was proposed as to the analysis of condition and performance of multi loaded constructions which, due to the complexity of the problem, can be applied to other types of constructions. It was proven that the application of numerical analysis methodology i.e. numerical structural performance diagnostics can obtain both a reliable information as to performance of construction with cracks and definition of crack size which will not jeopardize carrying capacity of structure elements. Thus, a part of experiments can be reliably replaced with numerical analyses.

Key words :
pressure vessels, structural integrity, structural performance diagnostics, cracks

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